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Photo Credit: Ben Huybrechts

NYC - Flatiron District Studio:


    • Teacher's class: 10am 

    • Beginner's 4 class series: 4pm (May 14th, 28th, June 11th, 25th)

    • Regular Ikebana classes: 1pm, 2:30pm, 6pm, 7:30pm


    • Beginner's 4 class series: 5:30pm (May 15th, 29th, June 12th, 26th)

    • Regular Ikebana classes: 1pm, 2:30pm, 4pm, 7:15pm

  • PRIVATE CLASSES available  


NY - Shelter Island Studio:

  • PRIVATE CLASSES available  

SPRING 2024 Group Classes

COVID-19 Regulations - Masks required during classes



My love of flowers led me to study Ikebana while living in Japan over twenty years ago.  I became a Sogetsu School instructor in 2003 and currently hold a Sanyo teacher's certificate.

I have been giving private and group lessons as well as exhibiting in the NY area and Belgium.  I had fun collaborating with companies like Shiseido, Kataoka, Netflix (The Jigsaw ), HBO Max (The Flight Attendant ), Rudolf Steiner School, Caring for Colombia Foundation, Garden Clubs of Shelter Island, Staten Island, Brooklyn Heights, workshops in Albany and NYC. My work was published in Ikebanists around the world and Ikebana: Opposites attract.  I am a board member of the New York branch of the Sogetsu School. 

I also love to do arrangements for private events and celebrations. Whether you want to learn Ikebana or are just intrigued by the art of Japanese flower arrangements, contact me or follow my Instagram @Ikebanachristine

Because Ikebana is a life-long learning experience, I continue my training with Ilse Beunen. 

Thank you Ben Huybrechts for the beautiful studio pictures on my homepage.

With love,

Christine Donck-Guelton

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NYC - Flatiron District Studio:


    • Teacher's class: 10am 

    • Beginner's 4 class series: 4pm (May 14th, 28th, June 11th and 25th)

    • Regular Ikebana classes: 1pm, 2:30pm, 6pm and 7:30pm


    • Beginner's 4 class series: 5:30pm  (May 15th, 29th, June 12th and 26th)

    • Regular Ikebana classes: 1pm, 2:30pm, 4pm and 7:15pm

  • PRIVATE CLASSES available


NY - Shelter Island Studio:

  • PRIVATE CLASSES available

PRICING: Classes range from $70 to $140 per person for a 90min Ikebana class.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  There will be a $30 flower charge.

GIFT CARDS: Ikebana class gift certificates are available!

SPRING 2024 Group Classes

Jan 15th - July 25th 2024

Photo Credit: Ben Huybrechts

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From pre-Buddhist times, Japanese used evergreen trees and flowers to invoke nature gods. Ikebana, as the recognized art of flower arrangement, first appeared in the Muromachi Period (from the late fourteenth century to the mid sixteenth century) together with the tea ceremony, noh plays and garden design. With the Meiji period and modernization, Ikebana went into decline and the government decreed that Ikebana, once a male art form, was from now on to be a standard part of women's education. This decision established the basis for the revival of Ikebana.


In 1927, when everybody believed practicing ikebana meant following established forms, Sofu Teshigahara recognized ikebana as a creative art and founded the Sogetsu School. Today, the school is led by Akane Teshigahara, the founder's granddaughter. Anyone can enjoy Sogetsu Ikebana anytime, anywhere, using any material. You can place Sogetsu Ikebana at your door, in your living room or on your kitchen table. Sogetsu Ikebana enhances any hotel lobby or banquet room, shop windows and huge public spaces. It will suit any kind of space, Japanese or Western and enrich its atmosphere. Sogetsu International ressources:


I use the official Sogetsu school textbooks to enable beginners to enter the rich world of Ikebana. After studying classic styles and basic techniques, students are then trained to express their own ideas freely through the materials. 

"Your arrangements are rare and stunning.
You seem to be so in tune with the flowers, stems, and bark, and their form seems to guide your incredibly tuned artistic eye.
You have a true gift and a masters eye!"

- Beth



I offer private or group lessons in New York City and Shelter Island,NY. Please inquire if there is space available for current group lessons schedule or for private lessons.




I offer flower design services for religious celebrations, gala dinners, corporate events or for demonstrations.



Here is some of my work, I love to play with different containers and always use seasonal flowers.




Wow We are Impressed - Ikebana at 04:00 AM

Today I would like to do a shout-out for Christine.

Christine lives in New-York and used to come to my international teacher's class in Antwerp, but now she is following my zoom-class at 4:00 AM. I am impressed by her commitment.

She wrote a nice article in this newsletter about a recent arrangement she made during one of my classes. She is teaching in New-York, and you can follow her here:




Ilse Beunen

Prickly Russian Thistle by Christine Donck-Guelton

If you see a lady dragging a piece of wood by the side of the road to bring home, that could be me.

I am fortunate to live part-time on Shelter Island, New York, an island between the North and South tip of Long Island, only accessible by ferry. It has plenty of hiking trails and beaches ripe for the picking. I walk these with my husband; he loves to collect stones and I am always looking for a nice piece of driftwood or an interesting branch to use in my work. You can imagine we have amassed quite the collection.

A few months ago, after a storm that had quite a surge and uprooted a lot of plants in the dunes, we found this prickly Russian thistle: a common saltwort, species of flowering plant in the family Amaranthaceae. The plant had a beautiful round shape with a big empty space in the middle. My husband joked that he would make a lampshade out of it. This tumbleweed was so big and so prickly it was hard to carry and fit in the car.

I had laid it aside on the front porch while I was racking my brain on how to use it in an ikebana arrangement without losing its beautiful shape. Last week, I had an idea when I found this tall, yellow Nageire vase. I decided to recreate a flower with the thistle and a huge dry Hydrangea. I painted the Hydrangea yellow and the thistle black with yellow edges. With the help of a Tate-no-Soegi-dome (vertical type fixation) I was able to stabilize it around the container. A lot of pruning helped to create a space in the middle of the plant big enough for the painted Hydrangea.

I know 2020 has been a tough year for all. I had to close my Manhattan studio, but I was able to reflect on things, enjoy a lot of family time, spend more time in the country and be outdoors in nature.

I miss going to Ilse’s atelier in Antwerp for her international teacher’s classes. Being Belgian myself, I enjoyed the trips, which allowed me to visit my father and stepmother at the Belgian seaside, but I am grateful for Zoom.

I am able to attend every class on-line now, which was not the case before due to travel. I swapped jetlag for a 3:30am alarm so I can attend the class starting at 4am. You would be surprised how productive one can be in the early hours of the morning when the family is still sleeping! Ilse organizes a weekly chat with the group to brainstorm ideas and make sure we are all okay. Hopefully we will resume classes in Antwerp soon but she will always keep a virtual aspect to the class for the ones who cannot attend in person.

I am grateful for Ilse who pushes me outside of my comfort zone and for the whole ITC group. Love you all for keeping me on my toes.



Submit a message below or send me an email to sign up for classes, plan events and ask questions!

Thank you for reaching out! I will respond via email as soon as possible. Best, Christine

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